Important Notice to Polar Internet Shoppers

You should ensure that you purchase your new Polar products from an authorised Polar retailer. If you are unsure whether an Australian Polar seller is authorised, you should contact the Pursuit Performance sales department for clarification on (08) 8100 8600.

To find your local Australian authorised retailer, please click here.

Overseas Purchases

If purchasing from overseas or while travelling overseas, please verify from the Polar distributor in that country that the seller is an authorised Polar dealer. You will need this proof from the Polar distributor if claiming international warranty along with a copy of your invoice or receipt.

If you have purchased the product from an internet shop abroad, you first need to contact that internet shop in any guarantee/warranty related matters. If you are not able contact the internet shop, please contact the Polar distributor in the country where the internet shop is located for further assistance.

Polar recommends that you purchase the product from a retailer which is a customer of the Polar distributor in your own country. This ensures full distributor support.

Polar products that are purchased from unauthorised resellers
WILL NOT be covered under Polar’s 2-year warranty. Additionally,
you may potentially run the risk of buying a refurbished, reconditioned or non-current unit. Also any Polar product sold on an open auction
site (eg. eBay) is considered to be the re-sale of a previously owned product and not purchased from an authorised dealer.


Please note that the “Polar International Guarantee” covers the original consumer or purchaser that the product is free from defects in material or workmanship for two (2) years from the date of purchase. When you buy from an authorised Polar dealer you can be sure that you are receiving a new product and the backing of a 2-year International Guarantee.

The following is a list of unauthorised Polar resellers that have come to our attention:

NO AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY APPLIES – any seller on ebay – any seller on ebay

Any Polar product purchased from the above list will have to be returned to that seller for any warranty claims on the product. Also, not all Polar models or colours available overseas are distributed in Australia. If you purchase from an unauthorised dealer, grey importer or purchase from overseas, you run the risk of obtaining a model that is not locally supported in Australia.

C-Tick Polar Heart Rate Monitor products are labelled with the Australian compliance symbol, the C-Tick mark, to indicate compliance with the Australian EMC and radiocommunication regulation and standards.

The above C-Tick mark that appears on Polar products has been licenced to Pursuit Performance Pty Ltd by the ACMA to distribute Polar products in Australia. Non-authorised resellers who sell Polar products in Australia displaying the above C-Tick compliance logo are in breach of the Australian compliance standard.

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