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Are you looking to provide employee fitness testing for your staff?

Do you have a limited budget and want to avoid employee downtime whilst carrying out fitness testing?


KPI Inhouse Health allows you to carry out your own fitness tests. Testing of up to 10 staff members can be completed in under 1 hour.

For a one off payment of $2750, you can carry out an unlimited amount of fitness tests that are easy to implement and require no formal qualifications to conduct.

Reporting Program software is provided so data can be input for future comparisons and a report can be provided to each staff member. A group report can also be produced.

It is recommended that either a Human Resource Manager, Nurse or OH&S Manager conducts the test.


The KPI Inhouse Health Pack includes: 

10 x Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitors                         1 x Client Test Card Template

1 x Tanita Scale                                                       1 x Reporting Program

1 x Automatic Blood Pressure Device                       1 x Promotional Poster Template

1 x Stadiometer                                                       1 x Physical Activity Questionnaire Template

1 x Stopwatch                                                          1 x Pre Testing Advice Template

2 x Witches Hats                                                      1 x Procedures Manual

1 x Measuring Wheel                                                4 x Promotional Email Templates

*IMPORTANT: The results from the tests are to be used as a guide only and are not designed as a medical diagnosis. If staff members have concerns about their results they are advised to investigate them further with a professional in the field i.e. a medical doctor.

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